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My Philosophy

Lao Tzu says: „The journey of a 1000 miles starts with the first step.“

Simply everything, whether easy or difficult, starts with the first step. Certainly, one should know how many miles to run and which direction the the journey will take. But then one should start with the first step.

The first step to implement a new ERP software.
The first step to reschedule an ERP project.
The first step to implement new business processes.

Thereby, I want to assist you. On a national level as well as on an international level.

Together with you, I want to determine the journey and the route. I want to accompany you from the very first step, and make the journey as easy as possible for you – although a journey of 1000 miles certainly cannot be called easy!

My target is, that you can continue to concentrate on your core business, while I take care of realistic project plans, inclusion of the project members, tracking of the project activities, involvement of new requirements etc. To sum up: my core business.

Antje Frieling - Meine Philosophie.