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The implementation of a new ERP software does not just mean to replace the old one with the new one. Numerous criteria have to be taken into account like the software itself, but also the project members, the employees and the general stakeholders. It is nearly impossible to take into account all the potential criteria that can have an impact on the project,   but the more you are aware of up front, the better are your chances  of a successful implementation. Seneca says: “No wind will be the right one for the one who does not know where to sail to.”So if I know which criteria influence my project and which is my target, I will make sure I catch the right wind to achieve it. To help you achieve your targets, I can offer the following services on national and international level:

  • Project Mananagement for implementation and migration of ERP Software
  • Consulting for business processes and organizational change during an ERP implementation
  • Consulting and Training in the area of financial accounting, cost accounting, fixed assets and multisite during an ERP implementation
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